Lectures and Events

Lectures2Students dream about pursuing education at top-tier academic institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, University of Hong Kong or National University of Singapore. While dreams are very important, students repeatedly find themselves frustrated and confused, not believing that yes, they are fully capable of gaining admissions into the world’s most prestigious universities.

We have been successfully running our Admissions Lectures and Events program since 2010, bringing guest speakers to over 30 academic and educational institutions. While each Lecture and Event is shaped individually according to the special queries requested by the hosting institution, we are generally pleased to offer the following:

                            • Inspirational lectures
                            • Question and Answer sessions
                            • Specialized and focused workshops
                            • Mingling sessions
                            • Discussions
                            • Many more



We have worked with all 30 academic and educational institutions pro bono, and we would like to continue our mission as such. If you and your colleagues are interested in hosting the event to promote and encourage studying at the best universities in the world, please reach out to us now. We will work with you on designing the most appropriate Lecture or Event to bring to your institution.