Harvard1Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States, established in 1636 in Cambridge, MA. With its long culture and tradition, Harvard has emerged as one of the best, most prestigious and innovative educational establishments in the world. The University emphasizes the importance of the Liberal Arts education, which intends to make students more aware and knowledgeable citizens, who persistently try to change the world for better. Historically, Harvard has topped most of university rankings, and is a leading institution in academia, research, resources and opportunities.

Since my arrival on campus in 2010, I have been astonished by both what Harvard has to offer to its students, and what Harvard really is. As an outsider, you can read tons of data both textual and statistical about Harvard, but your perception of the University is corrected when you enter it as a full member of the community. I have learned tons from some of the most internationally known professors such as Prof. Gregory Mankiew, Prof. Michael Parzen, Prof. Steven Pinker, or Prof. Michael Sandel. However, as I quickly realized upon my arrival to Cambridge, Harvard is not all about academia. What makes this place so special and unique is people. I am really inspired by so many truly wonderful friends from various backgrounds, who have so many different perspectives.

Students can find anything and everything they want to develop and pursue. In addition to academic and intellectual growth, students develop their interests and hobbies in a plethora of different fields such as dance, aviation, choir, debates, government, international relations, management, business and many more. Some of the most important skills I have further advanced at Harvard are the following:

I have been satisfying my intellectual curiosity by engagement in both my classes and outside research opportunities. At the University, I have taken classes in social sciences, government, economics, statistics and philosophy. Moreover, my independent research paper has been accepted at the Middle Eastern Studies Student Association Conference at Georgetown University in Doha, Qatar.

I have further enhanced my leadership skills both in classroom and elsewhere. In my classes, I have worked on multiple group projects where group members spontaneously assign roles to themselves. My skills combined with commitment to and passion for a variety of different projects allow me to lead a group in a productive and efficient manner. My leadership style is that of a friend and a role model. This is especially clear in my leadership positions in Harvard Model Congress Asia and Harvard Polish Society.

Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking
By being actively involved in multiple organizations, as well as staying on top of my academic and research pursuits, I have learned how to manage my time very effectively. The management of the organizations I have been in charge of posed a challenge at the beginning. I had to come up with some innovative solutions how to make them work efficiently. My new business models, financial forecasts, profound analyses of potential growth and/or improvement led to fantastic results.